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sherlock + hannibal


john watson + flirty face

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Martin Freeman, behind the scenes of Fargo

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Tome-wan + red


"The coat was actually a couple of years old. What happened is that another chap did the pilot and he found that coat. When I took the project on, I inherited all those original costumes from the pilot. It was the only thing I kept. It was such a lovely coat - a classic. We had three of them because we obviously do stunts and need doubles. It is a lovely coat - really perfect for Benedict. He loved it, I loved it and everyone else seemed to."

- Sarah Arthur, Sherlock Costume Designer


You, being all, mysterious with your… cheekbones and turning your coat collar up so you look cool.

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Major James Sholto, who he?
John’s old commanding officer. I don’t think he’s coming.
He’ll be there.

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screencap/gif meme
↳ looking down

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I’ve had to draw a conclusion based on what I glimpsed through the stitching of the person suit that you wear. And the conclusion that I’ve drawn is that you are… dangerous.

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Goodbye, John.

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But then there’s no guarantee that you two will work well together, and thank God we have, really, you know.

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