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M a d   d o g s   a r e   p u t   d o w n.

 [Is that what you hoped to accomplish when you attacked your brother?] Well, apparently, I went about “putting him down” the wrong way. He’s still alive.

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"You got your balls on?"
"Screwed on tight."
"Any sonofabitch messes with you…"
"You got my back."

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They think I’m weird.

Lucy Liu"Brush with Fame" [x]

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Rachel Zane in Season 3b (part one)

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Will Graham + 2x08 Su-Zakana

Welcome back.

if losing followers was a sport i’d be winning

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Hannibal outfits | 2.08 | plaid overcoat

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Anonymous asked:
hi! i love your blog! really random question, but i just want to know who your ultimate celebrity guy crush and ultimate celebrity girl crush is? you don't have to answer this if its to stupid sorry for bothering you :):)

thank you lovely!! <33

my ultimate girl crush is probablyyyy - Lucy Liu / Emma Watson /Kristen Stewart (ii have so many girl crushes don’t look at me)

i don’t really look at guys romantically, like i think some are cuties, but very rarely do i ever think i could have a relationship with a guy so this is more in a platonic ‘i would love to be best friends’ kinda man crush >< and the award defo goes to either - Karl Urban or Dylan O’Brien :3

1x2 Amuse-Bouche / 2x7 Yakimono

How to catch a fish that isn’t hungry?


Hannibal 2x08: Su-zakana